Mila Kunis

Having developed herself as a rising television star with a series of guest spots and repeating appearances, actress¬†Mila Kunis¬†attained fame as one of the major characters on the popular sitcom, That ’70s Show, prior to when she even finished high school.


A native of Ukraine who immigrated to America with her family after the fall of the Soviet Union, Mila Kunis served double duty on TV, voicing Meg Griffin on the popular animated series Family Guy, at the exact same time she wore bell bottoms on the popular Fox comedy. Concurrently, she started appearing in movies like Get Over It and the straight-to-DVD sequel American Psycho II: All American Girl, while also gathering tabloid headlines for her long-running relationship with former child superstar Macaulay Culkin.

When That ’70s Show ended its run, Mila Kunis’ film occupation kicked into high gear with duties in smaller movies like After Sex and Boot Camp, which led to leading duties in larger fare like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Max Payne and The Book of Eli. By making her proposal as a major dramatic starlet in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan and a hit star as one of the witches in Oz the Great and Powerful, Mila Kunis had changed herself into among Hollywood’s fastest-rising and sexiest stars.